Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I Acquire A Plastic Bag

My new year's resolution was simple: a year without any  new bags, plastic ones.  I mean the ones that are handed out freely in shops in England, and which you have to pay for in Wales.  So far, I've acquired five new bags.  I can explain them all, but not satisfactorily.

Yesterday, I was looking for a bookcase for my books. I bought a pair of boots.

It's not that I hadn't been thinking of new boots - I think of new boots every time my old boots leak. I've been thinking of dark brown slip-on ones, something subtle and refined. I've been thinking of getting by till next autumn without them.

Within thirty minutes of setting off to find a bookcase, I was halfway down the high street carrying a plastic bag containing a pair of black lace-up boots which could pass for army surplus.  I met a friend in the shoe shop, and had been chatting to her so intently, that when I paid for them, I forgot to use the cotton bag I'd brought with me.

"Why is it," I asked my son later, "that I set off to buy a bookcase, and found myself instead with half price boots and an enormous plastic bag, and not even the boots I'd been thinking of buying?"

He looked at me, shrugged.  "Because you shop like a girl, mum."


  1. 'Books do furnish a room', according to Anthony Powell. But boots do get you out a bit more, according to me.

  2. My husband has a mantra-'women shop, men buy'. Bah!

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