Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I Buy A New Washer - Day One

This afternoon, I went to buy a new washer at the local hardware shop. I am hoping it will be the end, until it perishes, of my bathroom basin cold tap fixing attempts.  I do not like brushing my teeth in warm water.

Why is that?

The washer cost 10p.  I think.  I'm not sure, because I bought two light bulbs as well and I was charged £2, so I have a feeling that the shop assistant slipped the small disc of black rubber into the white paper bag for free.  I think she realised what a triumph it is for me to be fixing my own taps, and she was showing her admiration.  She seemed to enjoy keeping a queue of restless men (I think they were burly) waiting whilst we caught up on news of our children.  I'm almost sure of all these things.

The space in the spanner which fits onto the nut is called the jaw.  The satisfaction of finding the right sized jaw for a nut is comparable to diving with barely a splash.


  1. Mazel tov, Liz! And Five Stars for your blog xxx

  2. Love it. Just the right amount of detail mixed in with the (wink) humour. Nice bite size piece too. Looking forward to day 2, 3 and on...x

  3. You know you are truly a master, or mistress, of your art when you are able to use sight alone in order to select the correct spanner to dock perfectly with the nut. A satisfied sigh emanates from the shed when this happens. Sometimes I beat my chest and let out a Johnny Weismuller inspired yell. Spanner aperture nirvana awaits you.

  4. I want to reach spanner aperture nirvana, Tris. If only I had more spanner and nut opportunities to practise getting my eye in. I suppose I'll have to start tinkering with my bike ...