Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I Wash Out My Mug

This morning, I brushed my teeth in cold water.  It was 6.30am.  I brushed them again at 8.00am.

At work, I wash my tea mug in the sink in the toilets.  I have been doing this ever since the staff kitchen was made into a corridor four or so years ago.

I say that, but I did go through a  phase when I'd march up the sweep of the main staircase with a bowl full of mugs, a bottle of washing up liquid, a scourer and a 'My Kitchen is for Dancing' tea towel.  I washed up in the hot, soapy water of the kitchen on the executive corridor, to the hiss and suck of percolating coffee, hoping to be thrown out.

If I want hot water, I have to press the tap down.  One shot lasts long enough for a quick swill around.

1 comment:

  1. love the sweep up the main staircase very dramatic. I think chosing the everyday tasks and items is a good focus...building into an interesting narrative.