Friday, 4 April 2014

I Grow My Hair

I've never had long hair.  What I mean is that I've never had hair that ends about halfway between my shoulders and waist, or halfway between my shoulders and the point halfway between my shoulders and waist.  

It may have been my mother who first told me that human hair grows half an inch a month.  I checked this with Paul recently and found that, forty years later, this is one thing that hasn't speeded up.  By this reckoning, my hair will reach a reasonable definition of long by December.  

At school, I envied the confidence of girls with long plaits.  I noticed the way three strands of hair could be interwoven to form something with the look of the weight of rope. I admired the way darker shades of hair were brought to the surface. 

Having my hair cut by Paul is one of my chief pleasures.  Over the past twenty years, I must have spent eighty or so hours chatting with him.   When I leave his salon, my hair feels like it's meant to.

WikiAnswers makes many suggestions about  how to promote hair growth.  As with most self-help advice, the tips include eating nuts and seeds, avoiding bleach and taking regular exercise.  

I mentioned my hair-growing plans to Paul in January.  His advice about growing my hair longer was to have less cut off.


  1. Made me smile...again...

  2. I have a similar Paul with similar bluntness. One particularly memorable comment, in relation to I remember not what, was 'you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig'.