Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I Reach My Peak

"Look at it this way, mum," advised my son after badminton club today.  "You're nearly fifty, and the only way is down, so each day is your peak from now on."  This after a comment from me about his play improving week on week and mine staying pretty much the same.

I've been thinking since then about when I might have peaked, and what peaking might involve: if it extends beyond the physical and intellectual and, if not, what signs would indicate emotional, psychological or spiritual peaking; why we talk about 'peaking' when most states of being are hugely complex; whether anyone ever knows they've peaked other than in retrospect; how, if we were aware of peaking, this would surely cause a sense of loss which would detract from any sense of peaking being a triumph.

On reflection, I decided to take my son's comment as wisdom: as a thirteen year old's version of Carpe Diem.  

And on this basis I went out this evening instead of staying in.


  1. Glad you carpe'd the diem. I suspect we peak constantly, moment by moment.

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  3. Peaking or not, I love my waves....