Sunday, 3 August 2014

I Respond To A Tagging

There is a phase on Facebook at the moment for focusing on positives.  The routine is to post three positives in your status and tag three people to do the same for five days.  This is my response.  As usual, I'm messing with the rules and listing fifteen things all in one go.

1.   I know how to change a washer, thanks to Justin's patient instruction.  
2.   I sport temporary tattoos on a regular basis, thanks to Barry's thoughtful present
3.   I can smell lilies, thanks to Natalie
4.   My back is feeling fine, thanks to physio advice from Penny
5.   I am looking forward to a big poetry reading in November thanks to Charlotte buying me that ticket for a Carol Ann Duffy / Gillian Clarke reading three years ago, and because of Anna's belief in me
6.   I ate lunch out with my beautiful son Jonty yesterday, thanks to having my full time contract extended as a result of Wulf's hard work
7.   I smiled when I got home the other day despite feeling awful, thanks to Kathy sending me a glorious poem and Lucy's hilarious and truthful postcard
8.   I have precious memories of talking with poet David Whyte, thanks to Will inviting me over for supper
9.   I will be icing gingerbread later, thanks to my mum teaching me how to bake
10. I laugh often and like a drain, thanks to the wit of my sparkling son Gabriel
11. I am waiting for my next pamphlet to arrive from the printers, thanks to Nadia's willingness to take on my work, Kev helping me to proof read, and Jeremy's kindness
12. I am spending today typing up new poems, thanks to Alex asking me to collaborate on his exhibition of photographs
13. I am getting a bit better at badminton, thanks to Jonathan showing me how to serve
14. I call myself a poet without shame, thanks to Ted, Jim, Deb, Philip, Joyce, Sue, Peter, Paul, Ryan and Peter, and all the other people who've encouraged me to listen to my own voice and to speak so I can be heard
15. I feel secure in the midst of change, thanks to the constant utter pleasure of knowing my longest-serving friend Helen for forty years

We are all connected.  I see others' homes, lives and families being blown apart and I weep.  

I think of my own life and the people in it, and I know that life is made full of wonder through love.

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  1. Lovely. And the last two sentiments are a poem in their own right.