Sunday, 21 December 2014

I Replace A Washer

There have been problems with the washer I replaced back in February.  I think this is because the washer I used wasn't the exact size of the washer space in the tap.  I revisited my repair a couple of months ago, and recently the tap has been dripping again.

When I named this blog after my first washer buying experience, I was unwittingly linking my sense of self to the functioning of a bathroom tap. Each day of dripping has felt like a small erosion.

Yesterday, I bought three new washers of varying sizes. I enjoyed the way I could choose them from a selection, and take them away in a small white paper bag.  It reminded me of pleasure I used to feel at buying a quarter of spearmint pips or peanut brittle. 

Today, I located a spare hour and the right spanners, turned off the water at the mains, unscrewed the tap and tried out the washers.  The first one was too small, the second too tight; the third seemed just right.

It has worked, for the moment, this Three Bears approach to plumbing.  And it seems important to tell you about it.  

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