Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I Plant A Plant

I was planting some cowslips that my longest serving friend's mother gave me from her garden when it struck me that I was planting a plant.  I started thinking about this satisfying state of affairs.

I have subsequently become a little obsessed with words that exist both as nouns and verbs, and which can be used in the same simple sentence.  There are quite a few of these, but top of the list so far for me is 'pod' which - in addition to leading me to think about bending to pick peas in a summer garden, then podding them, eating them raw - can also be spun through 180 degrees and remain itself.

So far, my thoughts have led me in this circle:

I drink a drink
I request a request
I dance a dance
I risk a risk
I touch a touch
I kiss a kiss
I whisper a whisper
I promise a promise
I wave a wave
I text a text
I drink a drink

I realise all this has very little to do with cowslips.

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