Thursday, 30 July 2015

I Ask For Help

I have had to call a plumber, and I'll call him Sam.  The replacement of flexible hoses to the bathroom sink is a step too far for me.

It's not easy to ask for help with plumbing, especially when one has set oneself up as something of an expert buyer of washers (however unintentionally), and especially as plumbing has a reputation for being expensive.

One of my dear friends pointed out to me recently that I'm not very good at asking for help.  She's right. It's a common fault of those of us in the 'helping' professions that we find it hard to be on the receiving end.

Sam's obvious skill and extraordinary toolbox have been a revelation.  I realise that I have just been playing at plumbing.  And it's fair to say that no one has yet asked me to help them to change a washer.

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