Saturday, 19 December 2015

I Write A Present

Travel Advice

For Anna Dreda to celebrate her birthday, 
and wth thanks for her many kindnesses

The decision about whether or not to set off
in the first place, whether to sit it out, to wait
for better weather seems ludicrous
in retrospect. 
                         Three inches of snow either
disappears into grey by lunchtime, or expands
to make things impassable.   A tree might stand,
or fall, laden, across the tracks.
So, I’m sitting here remembering, by turns,
the sorrows of the ones who told me so,
as they waited to drag me out of the ditch
before I’d even set off,  
                                          and the kindness
of the ones who say, "Snow falls, and it melts,
and in any case, a tree can become logs,
a landslide can be shovelled away." 

With love from Liz xx

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