Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I Photograph My Milometer

I've been anticipating reaching 200,000 miles for a while now.  Only another 38,900 miles to go and I could make it to the moon (had I had my car from new), but not back again.  200,000 miles is a long way and I reached it at Rhostyllen northbound on the A483 this morning.

Hoping that the line of zeros would appear at a more significant moment - when en route with my sons, perhaps, or on arrival at a friend's house - I've been doing some calculations in the past week to anticipate the moment and to try and manufacture some significance.

In the end, it happened about 10 miles earlier than I predicted - something to do with me forgetting to factor in the journey to badminton yesterday evening and the one-way system which sends cars the long way around town.

And so the 9s turned to 0s on a familiar and unsurprising stretch of dual carriageway just outside Wrexham.  Pleased that I hadn't missed the moment altogether, I pulled off the road, photographed my milometer.  A mile later I photographed it again.  I sent a Stanley Kubrick fan this photograph with the message, "Two-hundred-thousand-and-one: some sort of Odyssey?"

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