Thursday, 22 September 2016

I Squeeze Two Oranges

I have a new habit.

No, I have not entered a convent,  although as a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl, I did offer 'Nun' as a reply to a question a careers teacher put to me once.  I forget what the question was.

My new habit is to squeeze two oranges each morning - for the juice of it.

Orange juice is best straight from the orange.  Ever since my mother taught me this, I've been spoilt for the bottled / canned / cartoned varieties, though I've mostly made do until recently.

No more.  I begin my mornings these days by taking two oranges from my constant supply, using the pleasure of my new sharp knife to cut them in half, before turning them this way and that on the ridged dome of an orange juicer, and then tipping the collected juice into a glass.

After all this, I'm too wanton and needful to sip the half glassful, so, still standing, I down the lot in a few sweet, crazy mouthfuls.


  1. I know you are not a half glassempty sort of person. I know your piece fits very well - shape and colour. (Particularly like shades of blue - and looking forward to our Christmas present).