Saturday, 22 July 2017

I Publish A Poem

For the Class of 1982, South Hampstead High School - written after our reunion in 2015, and published here in eager anticipation of seeing you again next week.

With love, and immense gratitude for being friends to me in childhood.  After our last reunion, I realised how SHHS gave me the beginnings of intellectual freedom - a significance I hadn't understood before.

School Reunion

We came imagining others would’ve attained diamonds -
against expectations, we find we’re in this together:
turns out we always have been, though we hadn’t understood till now

how close are the every ways in which we intersect.

We meet few people in the time we’re given: life’s shorter even
than we supposed.  Those long-ago women held up as examples - 
Boadicea, Elizabeth, Florence, Emmeline, dear, dear Anne Frank,
(whose story we were told, as if we could grow up to change her ending)
- great as they were, none of them were with us in French or Biology,
so we looked to each other for inspiration, asked: “What will become of us?”
sang ourselves out at the end of each school year, sentimental transitions
towards this wet summer’s afternoon: the fullest I can remember. 

It's abundant – we eat and drink: even our dead talk with us.
Our schooldays are always between us: everything still to be discovered.

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