Sunday, 8 November 2020

I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning with ...

 V                                                                                    V                        v

There were a dozen or more,        V          v                                           v

                                                            V            V

                                                                                       some larger than others.

We looked up to see Vs in the sky at 4.15pm on Saturday 7th November towards the end of our socially-distanced bike ride. Geese, distant at first, flew closer, then directly overhead, honking, purposeful. 

                                               V                                                     v


                                    V v                                                           V

We stopped on the cycleway. Dusk was approaching fast and the fly-past had all the exhilaration of a murmuration - thousands of geese in exact formations, heading north-west along the river.

I took out my phone, my fingers numb with cold. I snapped a wonky photo, then checked the BBC news website, saw that the Democrats had taken Pennsylvania in the US Election.

We pushed the rules, fist bumped, joined in with the geese, shrieked for wonderful happiness. 

The geese passed over, leaving us with a multiplicity of V-signs:

V : for get lost and good riddance.

V : for victory. 

V : for very, very, very, very, very relieved. 

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